Upper Lateral Loan Program

Upper Lateral Loan Program

A low-interest loan from SacSewer makes fixing your sewer’s upper lateral more affordable.


As a property owner, you are responsible for the private sewer pipe serving your property. This “upper lateral” connects your home to a “lower lateral” owned by SacSewer.

The upper lateral is located entirely on your private property, while the lower lateral is located within the public right of way (under the sidewalk and street) or the utility easement (typically along the rear edge of your property). View our detailed sewer maintenance diagram for an example.

Problems with your upper lateral may be caused by root intrusion, aging pipes, shifting soil, or other factors. The result can be an unexpected stoppage that causes a messy sewer overflow in your home or business.

When upper laterals fail, repairs and cleanup can be both costly and unpleasant. SacSewer now has a program that provides low-interest loans for property owners who need to replace or repair their upper laterals.

How Does It Work?

Upper lateral repair or replacement can be expensive. SacSewer’s Upper Lateral Loan Program will provide low-interest loans up to $15,000.

  • Applicants must be within SacSewer’s service area and be the legal property owner.
  • Loan recipients are limited to $15,000 for the repair or replacement of upper laterals.
  • Property owners will be responsible for costs exceeding $15,000.
  • Loans have a low interest rate and must be paid back within 5 years (call the number below for current interest rates).

If the property owner is enrolled in Regional San’s Sewer Lifeline Rate Assistance Program, no interest will be charged.

Apply for the Upper Lateral Loan Program

To apply for the Upper Lateral Loan Program, call (916) 876-LOAN or fill out the application below and provide at least one project-specific cost estimate (bid) from a properly licensed contractor for the on-site sewer repairs. The cost estimate(s) are to be attached to the loan application for review and approval by SacSewer.

Send the completed form and price quote via e-mail to SDALoanPrograms@sacsewer.com or mail to the address below.

SacSewer Upper Lateral Loan Program
Attn:  Yadira Lewis
10060 Goethe Road
Sacramento, California 95827

Upper Lateral Loan Program Application

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