Typical Maintenance Activities

Typical Maintenance Activities


At SASD, we stay laser-focused on keeping the sewer system in good working order so our customers can count on reliable sewer service. We closely monitor the condition of our system. Sometimes, we’re investigating a reported sewer problem, while other times we are completing maintenance or inspections that prevent problems from occurring. To do this work, we regularly need access to utility easements, many of which are on customers’ properties.

Here, you can learn more about the types of activities we conduct regularly and see photos of the work being performed. If you experience sewer problems or have any questions about work occurring in your neighborhood or on your property, please call us at (916) 875-6730. We operate 24/7!

Typical SASD Activities

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Television Inspection (TVI)

TVI stands for televised video inspection. A TVI allows us to get “eyes” inside the pipe by inserting a closed-circuit camera. TVIs are a very important part of our maintenance process, as they allow us to quickly assess a pipe’s condition and identify what may be obstructing flow or causing problems for customers.

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Lower Lateral Cleaning

A lateral is a section of smaller pipe that transports sewage from a customer’s property to SASD’s main sewer line in a street or a utility easement (see our 3D Sewer Diagram for a good visual). The lateral consists of a customer-owned upper lateral and an SASD-owned lower lateral. The upper lateral is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain, while SASD is responsible for the lower lateral.

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Main Line Cleaning

The sewer main lines are the backbone of SASD’s system. It’s important that these lines remain clear to allow sewage to be transported out of neighborhoods without service failures.

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