Standards & Specifications

Standards & Specifications


SacSewer’s standards provide minimum requirements for planning, design, and construction of sewer facilities that are, or will be, dedicated to SacSewer. These standards are meant to ensure that SacSewer’s sewer system is properly engineered to operate in a cost-effective manner while protecting the safety and general welfare of the public and SacSewer personnel. The Standards and Specifications were approved by SacSewer’s Board of Directors on March 13, 2019.

Current Standards & Specifications and Related Resources:

Revised SASD Standards and Specifications

Revised SASD Standards and Specifications - Minor Revisions

Previous Version of Standards & Specifications for reference only

County of Sacramento Construction Standards

Pump Station Startup Checklist

Minimum Design Report Requirements

Pump Station Standard Equipment and Requirements List

RTU Bill of Materials

Television Inspection Manual

Minimum Geotechnical Program Requirements

Minimum Sewer Study Requirements

Submittal Requirements

Pump Station and Force Main Design Report Requirements

SASD AutoCAD Standards – August 2018

AutoCAD Border Templates – August 2018

Approved Manhole Manufacturers

Approved TV Contractors - Existing Assets

Approved TV Contractors - New Assets

2022 SacSewer Contractor List

Sewer System Capacity Plan


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