Sewer Impact Fees

Sewer Impact Fees


Sewer impact fees are collected for any parcel connecting to the sewer system for the first time. Incremental sewer impact fees may also be due when a parcel size or use changes. For additional sewer impact fee information:

All SASD customers are also Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San) customers. Get more information on Regional San’s sewer impact fees.

To determine the rate an existing customer pays for sewer collection service, visit our section on Monthly Sewer Rates.

General information

Current Impact Fees

Effective July 1, 2021

Category Description Billing Unit & Charge
  Relief Expansion
Parcels recorded prior to 7/1/03 $777
per ESD
per ESD
Parcels recorded on/after 7/1/03 $4,664
per net acre
per net acre
Multi-Family Residential $4,664
per net acre
per net acre
Commercial $4,664
per net acre
per net acre
Non-Defined Commercial Users $777 per ESD $3,414* per ESD
Public Parks and Public Schools $777 per ESD $3,414* per ESD
Industrial Users and Groundwater Remediation Dischargers Based on flow: $45 per 1,000 gallons of flow based on maximum monthly discharge

 * Developer Project Costs: $2,868, SASD Costs: $546
** Developer Project Costs: $17,210, SASD Costs: $3,273

Detailed Impact Fee Schedule with Relief & Expansion Map

What You Need to Know About Regional San & SASD Sewer Impact Fees


Proposed Impact Fees

Proposed changes to impact fees are being considered:


Effective 7/1/22 Effective 7/1/23 Effective 7/1/24


















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