Sailor Bar Pump Station

Sailor Bar Pump Station


The Sailor Bar Pump Station is located off the Sailor Bar Park Olive Avenue access in Fair Oaks and is in need of rehabilitation. As one of 106 pump stations that SacSewer owns and operates, the aging facility is in need of repairs and updates. This project includes raising the finished elevation 5 feet above the 100-year floodplain, installing two wet wells, valve vaults, and a new facilities building. This new infrastructure will provide operation redundancy and reliability, increase the functional efficiency of the pump station, and reduce the risk of an overflow. Upon completion, the updated pump station will allow SacSewer to continue to provide reliable sewer service to the community for decades to come.

Project Updates

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Most work will occur on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Project construction is anticipated to be complete by spring of 2024.

What to Expect During Construction

Project work is not anticipated to interrupt sewer service during construction. Residents will be able to continue to use water and flush toilets, as usual. Street access to residents’ homes will also be maintained at all times. Crews will do their best to minimize typical construction-related impacts such as dust, noise, vibration, and odor. When project staff and contractors access the site, residents may see vehicles or trucks coming and going.

The staging area for the construction equipment will be in the parking lot adjacent to the pump station. Most equipment will be entering through the Sailor Bar Illinois Avenue entrance and along the road closest to the bluffs.

Keeping Residents Informed

SacSewer is committed to ensuring residents are kept fully informed during construction. We will communicate through a variety of methods, including in person and via doorhanger notifications, mailers, and project website updates.

Safety First

Public safety is our top priority during construction. While most construction activities will occur at the project site, please use caution near the work area and on local streets, as construction equipment will be utilizing neighborhood roads to access the project site. Temporary traffic controls may be necessary during equipment delivery or when construction vehicles are accessing the site.


For more information, please call the project hotline at (916) 876-6167.

Your patience is appreciated as we work to finish this essential project as quickly and safely as possible.


Sailor Bar Pump Station Project Updates

Project Update – November 2023

We are pleased to share that we are nearing completion! The surrounding community can expect to see the contractor onsite performing the final phases of work and testing. The revised anticipated completion timeframe is spring 2024.

The contractor is no longer utilizing the park road system for access and delivery of materials. Thank you to the surrounding community for sharing the road with us during the heavy phases of construction. We will continue to take all reasonable measures to minimize construction impacts as we wrap up the project—including noise, odor, dust, temporary traffic, parking, and property access impacts. Please continue to be alert for construction traffic and exercise caution at all times around construction activities.

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