Rosemont Pump Station

Rosemont Pump Station


Construction of the new Rosemont Pump Station is now complete. We appreciate our neighbors’ patience as we worked to complete this critical project. 

The new Rosemont Pump Station features more efficient pumps and modern controls. The new station will also be safer for the maintenance crews who keep the station in good working order.

We look forward to continuing to provide reliable sewer service for the community in the decades to come!


SASD’s Rosemont Pump Station is located on the north side of Kiefer Boulevard just west of South Port Drive (see map). It is one of 106 pump stations that SASD owns and operates. The aging station had civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural components that no longer met SASD’s operating standards. As a result, a new pump station has been built on the current site to replace the old equipment.

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