Rates & Fees


Rates & Fees

SASD provides sewage collection service to 1.2 million people throughout the Sacramento region. Our customers pay a monthly sewer charge that is included in the consolidated utility bill sent by the County of Sacramento. For additional rate information, please call (916) 875-5555.

SASD also charges sewer impact fees to any residential customer connecting to the sewer system for the first time, or any commercial customer that requests a new sewer connection, an increase in square footage, or a change in use (e.g., retail to restaurant). For additional fee information, please see our Sewer Ordinance or call (916) 876-6100.

All SASD customers are also Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San) customers. Get more information on Regional San’s sewer rates, rate assistance program, or sewer impact fees.

General information

Current Monthly Sewer Rates

Current customer rates are listed below. SASD has not had a rate increase since 2010. Assuming there are no significant changes in service level requirements, SASD does not anticipate a need for a rate increase until 2020.

Residential Current Rates
Single Family $19.85 per mo.
$39.70 bimonthly
Multiple Family $14.89 per mo.
$29.78 bimonthly
Commercial Current Rates
Non-industrial Business Please call (916) 875-5555
to learn your particular rate.
Industrial Business Variable Rate:
Per MG  = $72.73
Per 1,000 lbs. TSS = $5.10
General information

Current Impact Fees
Effective July 1, 2018

Category Description Billing Unit & Charge
  Relief Expansion
Parcels recorded prior to 7/1/03 $689
per ESD
per ESD
Parcels recorded on/after 7/1/03 $4,132
per net acre
per net acre
Multi-Family Residential $4,132
per net acre
per net acre
Commercial $4,132
per net acre
per net acre
Non-Defined Commercial Users $689 per ESD $3,062** per ESD
Public Parks and Public Schools $689 per ESD $3,062** per ESD
Industrial Users and Groundwater Remediation Dischargers Based on flow: $45 per 1,000 gallons of flow based on maximum monthly discharge

 * Developer Project Costs: $2,587, SASD Costs: $475
** Developer Project Costs: $15,522, SASD Costs: $2,852

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