Rate Assistance

Rate Assistance Program


The Sacramento Area Sewer District (SacSewer) offers eligible low-income customers a savings of $18.75 to $25 per year on the local wastewater collection portion of their sewer bill, depending on the type of dwelling.

To qualify for the rebate, your name must appear on the sewer bill, you must meet certain income criteria, and you must live at the address for which the rebate is being requested. Only one rebate per customer.

To apply, call (916) 875-5500 or fill out the application online, print it out, sign it, and mail it to the address listed on the application. Remember to attach a copy of your sewer bill and either proof of your participation in SMUD’s or PG&E’s low income program OR your income verification documents. Blacken out your Social Security and bank account number before mailing. Your personal documents will not be returned to you.

If you qualify for the Sewer Lifeline Rate Assistance Program, you may automatically qualify for Lifeline Assistance with Sacramento County Waste Management & Recycling and the Sacramento County Water Agency. Call (916) 875-5555 for more information.

Below is the maximum gross income allowed by the number of persons in the household:

Persons In Home

Max. Monthly Income

Max. Annual Income
















Additional Members (each)




Frequently Asked Questions

Rate Assistance Program

How do I qualify for rate assistance?

Rate assistance is available to homeowners and renters who live at the address for which they’re requesting assistance. The applicant’s name MUST appear on the sewer bill. Applicants must meet the income eligibility requirements. These requirements are based on the total gross income for all members living in the home.

Rate assistance is NOT available to landlords for their rental properties. As well, homeowners can only receive assistance with the home in which they live.

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