You May Be Doing It Wrong!
Some major misconceptions can lead to big clogs in your sewer pipes.


“Hot water dissolves grease!”

Not true! Using hot water and soap to “dissolve” oil and grease and wash it down the drain will not work. Grease will still stick to pipes after it cools.

“My in-sink disposal takes care of grease!”

Wrong again! A garbage disposal won’t make fatty and greasy food scraps disappear. Once they’ve passed the disposal, they can still clog the pipe.

“I’ve never had a clog, so there’s no problem!”

Wishful thinking! Just because fats, oils, and grease make it down the drain doesn’t mean they aren’t building up in your pipes and sewer lines. Over time, they can cause a nasty clog and sewer backup or overflow!

Learn more in our FOG FAQs!

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