Other Cleaning Methods: Easement Carts

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Other pipe cleaning methods and tools are needed under certain circumstances, depending on pipe location or condition.

What are easement carts?

Easement carts are a special tool that our crews use to access and clean manholes in backyards. Throughout our service area, there are many older neighborhoods that were built with sewer easements in rear or side yards. This makes access to maintain, clean, and repair manholes a little more challenging. Fortunately, our crews utilize a device called an easement cart, which is a small motorized machine that can be driven through most gates and side yards to get to manholes located in backyards.

How does it clean?

The easement cart uses pressurized water from a hose that crews pull into the backyard and attach to the cart. This hose is connected to a truck located in the street that has a large water tank and a pump. This hose feeds into the cart’s high pressure hose, which the crew inserts into the sewer line. Special spray nozzles on the cart’s hose produce powerful thrust that both pulls the hose through the sewer line and provides the cleaning action needed for our maintenance work.

What are the impacts to customers?

We understand that accessing our easements in customers’ backyards can be inconvenient. We do our best to limit the frequency of visiting these locations, and we work to communicate and coordinate closely with these customers. Our crews leave doorhangers and can make appointments with homeowners for a time that is convenient for them. When necessary, our crews use wood sheeting for the carts to drive over to help protect lawns and other landscaping,

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