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Hey Kids, Help Us Stop the Clog!

You can help your family protect your sewer pipes!

Overview FOR KIDS

What do pizza, peanut butter, salad dressing, and margarine have in common? Yes, they’re all things we eat, but there’s something else they have in common: They are greasy, fatty foods that we in the sewer business call FOG (which is short for “Fats, Oils, and Grease”).

Foods like these are bad for the sewer pipes in your house and under the streets. Why are they bad? Well, when dumped down the drain in your kitchen sink, the fats, oils, and grease stick to the insides of the pipes. After a while, this can clog up the pipes. When that happens, it can cause a really gross sewer backup inside your house or an overflow on your neighborhood streets. These big messes are smelly, dirty, expensive to fix, and bad for our environment!

So when you’re helping in the kitchen, tell your family to follow these easy steps to protect your sewer pipes and keep your house and neighborhood clean:

Learn more about FOG and ways to Stop the Clog by playing some of the fun games here on our website!

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