Highlands Sewer Relief Project

Highlands Sewer Relief Project


Project Updates

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What is this project?

The Highlands Sewer Relief Project will upgrade critical sewer facilities—including sewer pipes and pump stations—in part of the Sacramento Area Sewer District’s (SASD’s) northwest service area. The work will occur in North Highlands in a residential area bordered by Watt Avenue, Elkhorn Boulevard, and Roseville Road. 

Why is it necessary?

Sewer system upgrades are needed to improve performance and increase capacity in your area. The Highlands Sewer Relief Project will ensure our sewer facilities are meeting customers’ needs, and once complete, the project will ensure continued reliable sewer service for many years.

What does the project involve?

The Highlands Sewer Relief Project has two phases.

  • During Phase 1, new sewer pipes and manholes will be installed. Some will also be upgraded. To do this, SASD’s contractors will be cutting into the road, then using heavy equipment to dig down and replace or install sewer pipes and manholes (see map for work area). Roads in these work areas will be restored or repaired per Sacramento County standards.
  • During Phase 2, one pump station will be decommissioned, and one will be upgraded. This construction work will mostly be isolated in and around the two pump station areas.

When will the work occur?

Most work will take place Monday through Friday during normal business hours, although limited weekend or night work may be necessary to complete critical tasks. The first phase of the project is expected to begin in late summer and be complete in late 2022. The second phase is expected to begin in late fall 2021 and be complete in mid-2023. Work on the two phases will overlap at times, with crews working in different areas at the same time.

What should I expect during construction?

During the Highlands Sewer Relief Project, we are committed to maintaining uninterrupted sewer service to our customers. SASD and its contractors will take all reasonable measures to minimize construction impacts, including traffic slowdowns, parking restrictions, detours, and lane or road closures in work zones. Please be assured we will also work to limit construction noise, dust, odor, and other typical construction impacts. However, some of these impacts are unavoidable, and we greatly appreciate the community’s patience as we work to complete this important project.

During the initial work, you will see crews, trucks, and equipment on neighborhood streets where new sewer facilities are being installed or improvements are being made (see map). We will coordinate with any property owners when work is occurring directly in front of their properties.

Customer’s mail delivery and garbage, green waste, and recycling pickup and will not be interrupted. When necessary, crews will assist in placing bins to make them accessible for weekly pickup.

How will SASD keep the community safe?

SASD and its contractors will take all necessary precautions to keep the community safe during construction. We ask residents to be careful around work zones and keep children away from any active work and heavy equipment. Signage, traffic controls, barriers, and other safety measures will be used to alert and protect drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Questions or Concerns? Call us at (916) 876-SASD (7273).


Highlands Sewer Relief Project Map

Newsletter # 1 - August 2021


Highlands Sewer Relief Project Updates

Project Update - Construction Begins (posted November 24, 2021)

In early December, crews and heavy equipment will start sewer construction activities on Channing Drive, continuing to Melrose Drive, Claussen Way, and Larry Drive (see map). On-street parking may be restricted in work zones (signs will be posted before work begins). Residents in the active work area can still get to their homes and driveways, but detours for through-traffic may be necessary.

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