Food Service Training Materials


Want help implementing a Stop the Clog training program at your food service establishment? Use our free information kit and video to educate your employees about proper handling and disposal of FOG.

You’ll benefit by:

  • Avoiding expensive clean-up costs and penalties
  • Avoiding the loss of business due to sewer backups and overflows
  • Keeping your place of business and the environment clean
  • Preserving your reputation as a safe food service operator

Print out the training materials provided below, or order complete information kits and other materials using the form at bottom.

Training Materials

Owner/Operator/Kitchen Manager Info Sheets & Employee Quiz

Employee Instruction Sheets – English/Spanish

Wall Poster – English/Spanish

Training Video

This five-minute video demonstrates the best ways to manage FOG and Stop the Clog in your food service establishment.

Click image below to view in English:

Food Service Training Materials

Click image below to view in Spanish (Haga clic en la imagen para ver en español:)

Food Service Training Materials

Materials Order Form

If you are in the food service industry and your property is in the Sacramento Area Sewer District Service Area, you can request free Stop the Clog training materials using the form below.

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Stop the Clog Information Kits
Coloring Sheets

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