Doing Business with SacSewer

Doing Business with SacSewer

Everything you need to know to do business with us!


This section focuses on doing business with SacSewer. Here, you will find extensive resources for developers, information about sewer impact fees, and details on current business opportunities.


Developer Resources

Our one-stop shop for your development project needs

This section contains important resources for your development projects, including standards and specifications, planning documents, and forms.

We understand that the success of your project involves timely and efficient information and feedback from us. In fact, we even measure our performance on Development Submittal Review Time to ensure we are meeting your needs.


Sewer Impact Fees

Sewer impact fees are collected for any parcel connecting to the sewer system for the first time. Incremental sewer impact fees may also be due when a parcel size or use changes. For additional sewer impact fee information:

All SacSewer customers are also Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San) customers. Get more information on Regional San’s sewer impact fees.


SacSewer Sewer Ordinance

This section includes our current sewer ordinance and any proposed ordinance amendments being considered.


Business Opportunities

In this section, contractors and other businesses can find information about SacSewer’s requests for proposals (RFPs) and bids for goods and services, upcoming construction and maintenance projects, or other small projects.

All current opportunities are listed in the section below. If no current opportunities are listed, please check back periodically.

To see a complete list of bids for all Sacramento County departments, visit the Contract & Purchasing Services website.


Vendor Idea Submittal

At SacSewer, we are always interested in hearing ideas and suggestions from vendors and businesses. In fact, we have a special team dedicated to reviewing such items and suggestions.

If you have something you’d like to suggest for the team’s review, please fill out the form below. Someone will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your suggestion.

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