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Developer Resources

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This section contains important resources for your development projects, including standards and specifications, planning documents, and forms.

We understand that the success of your project involves timely and efficient information and feedback from us. In fact, we even measure our performance on Development Submittal Review Time to ensure we are meeting your needs.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the appropriate personnel on our Development Services contact list.

Please note that the following jurisdictions may provide additional information on project standards and requirements:

County of Sacramento

City of Elk Grove

City of Rancho Cordova

City of Folsom

City of Sacramento

City of Citrus Heights

Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San)


Standards & Specifications

SacSewer’s standards provide minimum requirements for planning, design, and construction of sewer facilities that are, or will be, dedicated to SacSewer. These standards are meant to ensure that SacSewer’s sewer system is properly engineered to operate in a cost-effective manner while protecting the safety and general welfare of the public and SacSewer personnel. The Standards and Specifications were approved by SacSewer’s Board of Directors on March 13, 2019.



How do I obtain a permit for installing or replacing sewer pipes?

For answers to all your sewer permit questions, your first call should be to our Permit Services Unit at (916) 876-6100.

To get a building permit and a sewer impact (connection) permit for a new or existing business or residence, some key information is required. For residential permits, you need the property address, parcel number, and your payment. For commercial permits, you need the property address, parcel number, site improvement plans, and your payment.


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