Customer vs. SASD Responsibility


Customer vs. SASD Responsibility

It’s important to understand which part of the sewer system is a customer’s responsibility and which part is SASD’s responsibility.

SASD owns, operates, and maintains a network of 4,500 miles of main line and lower lateral pipes within a 270 square-mile area. However, there are certain sections of the sewer pipes that our customers are responsible for maintaining. To learn more about which sections we maintain – and which are the responsibility of our customers – a detailed sewer maintenance diagram is provided here for your reference.  3-d_sewer_diagram.jpg

Sewer Easements: If you have a sewer easement on your property, learn about easement access rights and responsibilities.

Please note: SASD is not part of any private insurance program and does not endorse any private sewer insurance program. Check out our “When You Receive Notice of Private Sewer Insurance” fact sheet for more information.

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