Confluence Regional Partnership Program


The Confluence Regional Partnership Program
A Grant Program of Sacramento Area Sewer District and Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District

Much like Sacramento’s two rivers, which join together in a “confluence” to create something even bigger, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San) and the Sacramento Area Sewer District (SASD) developed the Confluence Regional Partnership Program to bring together ideas and efforts that advance environmental, educational, and economic vitality in the Sacramento region. Through this program, funding may be available to projects that help the community and advance Regional San’s and SASD’s missions, visions, values, goals and objectives.

How is the Program Funded?

The Confluence Regional Partnership Program is funded jointly by Regional San and SASD. Funding for the program is derived from non-rate, non-fee revenues (in other words, revenues not derived from ratepayer rates and fees).

Types of Programs Eligible to Apply for Funding

Funding from Regional San’s and SASD’s Confluence Regional Partnership Program will be considered for the following types of projects and programs:

Environmental Stewardship Programs and Projects

  • Includes projects that protect or enhance the water quality of local and regional waterways and/or groundwater, watershed management efforts, and efforts to connect communities with failing septic systems to the SASD collection system.

Regional Economic Development Competitiveness Programs

  • Includes programs that support the economic vitality and job growth in the region through reducing sewer impact fees for qualifying commercial customers.

Public Education and Career Awareness Programs

  • Includes educational programs and outreach to local area schools ranging from elementary to university levels, and employment and trade organizations, to advance awareness of the water cycle, (including sewage collection and treatment) and relevant careers.

Sewer Lifeline Rate Assistance Program (for low-income property owners)

  • Regional San offers a Sewer Lifeline Rate Assistance Program that is funded by non-rate, non-fee revenue. For more on the Sewer Lifeline Rate Assistance Program, or to apply, visit

Funding Prioritization

Funding requests for the Confluence Regional Partnership Program will generally be prioritized using the following criteria:

  • Relevance to mission/vision/values
  • Support of Strategic Plans
  • Provision of regional benefits
  • Ability to leverage other funding

Regional San and SASD will review all funding requests to determine the nexus to one or more of the programs and priorities above and provide timely response to requestors. Funding requests may be approved in full or in part, depending on availability of funds, nexus to prioritization criteria, and other factors.

How to Make a Funding Request

All funding requests must be made by completing a Funding Request Application. Applications may be made at any time. Requests can be one-time or span up to three years.

Confluence Program Funding Request Application

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Recognition for Steelhead Creek Cleanup Project
Posted April 4, 2019

SASD and Regional San recently received a certificate of appreciation from the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Water Board) for their contribution to a critical cleanup project on Steelhead Creek. Through the joint Confluence Regional Partnership Program, the districts donated $15,000 in grant funding to help pay for this creek cleanup effort, which took place over four days last December.

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