Capitola Pump Station


The aging Capitola Pump Station located between Capitola Avenue and Earnscliff Avenue in Fair Oaks is in need of replacement. As one of 106 pump stations that SASD owns and operates, the aging facility is in need of replacement. This project will replace all components in the pump station and install a new wet well and valve vault. The project will also include replacing the headwall in the culvert under the station, installing a new curb and guardrail along the driveway, building a new retaining wall, and paving new asphalt. When complete, the new pump station will allow SASD to continue to provide reliable sewer service to the community for decades to come.


The project is anticipated to take about two years to design and construct. Initial site investigations and design of the new facilities will take most of the rest of 2019, after which construction will begin in early 2020.

Current Activities

Our project engineers and design consultants are accessing the site and its immediate surroundings to conduct a topographic survey, geotechnical analysis, and field investigations. These ongoing activities will provide the information we need to design the new pump station.

Community Impacts

When our team accesses the site during this initial phase, there should only be minimal noise or disruption, as we will primarily be performing surveys and measurements. Residents may see smaller vehicles or trucks and a few people with safety vests coming and going. Before construction begins, we will update residents on what to expect while the new pump station is being built.

No Interruption in Sewer Service

Sewer service interruptions are not expected during this project. Residents will be able to continue to use water and flush toilets, as usual.

Keeping Residents Informed

SASD is committed to ensuring residents are kept fully informed prior to and during construction. We will communicate through a variety of methods, including in person and via doorhanger notifications, mailers, and project website updates.


For more information, please call SASD Project Manager Hilary Masters at 916-876-6326 or Project Engineer Enrique Sandoval at 916-876-6559. 

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