Budget & Financial

Budget & Financial Overview


In order for SacSewer to maintain quality, reliable service for you – our customer – we not only have to remain financially stable but also provide sufficient funding to operate the system and maintain reasonable sewer rates and fees. We accomplish this goal by incorporating long-term financial planning into all of our activities. Cost projections for new projects and multi-year projections of regular operating expenses are used to develop our five-year forecast of rates and fees. These projections are reviewed annually to ensure they meet SacSewer’s operating and capital needs.

SacSewer has been recognized for its financial prudence by its AA bond rating (the second highest rating obtainable) from the three rating agencies. This is a direct benefit to our customers since a higher bond rating means SacSewer pays a lower interest rate when borrowing money. Ratepayers also benefit from SacSewer’s financial strength since we have the funds to maintain the system in good working order and keep deferred maintenance to a minimum.

Read our annual financial reports for more information on how we’re performing for you!


Financial Reports

In this section, you will find an extensive collection of reports that detail the financial performance and particulars of SacSewer, including our Budget Books, Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports, and Long-Term Financial Plan.


Rates & Fees

SacSewer provides sewage collection service to 1.2 million people throughout the Sacramento region. Our customers pay a monthly sewer charge that is included in the consolidated utility bill sent by the County of Sacramento. For additional rate information, please call (916) 875-5555.

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