Protect Our Local Creeks

Celebrate Creek Week and Do Your Part to Clean Up Waterways


Help protect our local creeks! The Sacramento Area Sewer District is celebrating Creek Week along with the Sacramento Area Creeks Council: April 5–April 13.

Protecting our local creeks and waterways is important for the environment. Sacramento area residents can help support a healthy environment by properly disposing of fats, oils and grease, also known as FOG. This means no FOG of any kind should go down kitchen drains because it eventually turns into hard clumps and sticks to the insides of sewer pipes. Over time, the buildup blocks sewer pipes and can cause an ugly sewer backup. All this gunk could overflow into gutters and even get into streams and rivers. Remember to simply Can it. Scrape it. Trash it.

Join us at this year’s Creek Week Clean-Up Event on Saturday, April 13 from 9 a.m.–noon. You can learn more about Creek Week activities and register for the event at

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