About Stop the Clog

About Stop the Clog


The Stop the Clog program is sponsored by SacSewer and is designed to reduce sewer backups and overflows by educating people about the proper disposal of fats, oils, and grease (FOG).

Through the program, SacSewer is:

  • Educating residential and commercial customers about grease source control measures they can implement.
  • Continuing to utilize data to improve maintenance and operation efforts.
  • Evaluating the data collected and modifying the program, as needed.
  • Prioritizing areas more likely to have an overflow for both outreach and education and maintenance and operation efforts.

Whether you’re a a resident of the Sacramento region or a food service business that generates FOG, we encourage you to do your part to help prevent sewer blockages. Doing so will benefit your home, your business, your pocketbook, and your community!

General information

Program History

The Sacramento Area Sewer District (SacSewer) began planning for increased public outreach about FOG when the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) was considering regulations regarding sewer systems. Initial data analysis in SacSewer’s service area indicated that a significant percentage of FOG-related problems were in residential areas. As a result, SacSewer created a groundbreaking awareness and outreach program. The program was expanded in 2004 to include a broader regional perspective and to respond to increasing regulatory requirements.

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