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Service Levels

Development Submittal Review Time

Measure of the customer service provided to the development community. It refers to the percent of development applications, improvement plans, and sewer study submittals that are reviewed and returned to the developer within time standards established.

Target: 90%

SASD staff will return comments within the review time standards for 90% of all complete developer submittals within any calendar month. The types of submittals with their review times include review of sewer development applications within 15 working days, review of improvement plans within 20 working days, and sewer studies within 25 working days.

In an effort to be more timely in our reporting, we have improved our service levels charts. We now include preliminary data for the most recent month which has not been through a final quality check. Once the preliminary data has been reviewed and double-checked, we update the chart. We hope you find our new way of reporting data more helpful. Click on the chart below to enlarge.

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