Sewer Ordinance


SASD Sewer Ordinance

This section includes our current sewer ordinance and any proposed ordinance amendments being considered.


Current Sewer Ordinance
Effective February 12, 2016

The SASD sewer ordinance defines uniform requirements for design, construction, and use of the sewer collection system; provides for the enforcement of these requirements and establishes penalties for violations; and defines responsibility for sewer collection system maintenance.

View the Ordinance:

Current SASD Sewer Ordinance – effective February 12, 2016


Proposed Sewer Ordinance Amendments

Proposed amendments to the ordinance were introduced to the Board of Directors on March 9. Introduction of the ordinance amendments was continued to March 23. They are then anticipated to be presented to the Board for adoption on April 27. If adopted, the Sewer Ordinance would take effect on May 27, 2016, and the new Sewer Impact Fees would take effect on July 1, 2016. See the Proposed Ordinance Amendment and below for details. Most of the changes are related to changing sewer impact fees.

Proposed Ordinance Amendment

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